Friday, August 26, 2016

Let me just start with a brief overview of how my skin was. I started suffering from acne at the age of 12. I am currently 21. I have tried almost every single topical cream that you can get at your local drugstore along with expensive chemical peels at dermatologists offices, but nothing seemed to be helping. At last, I found MUAC while specifically searching for an effective, affordable TCA peel to help combat my acne, oily, scarred face. I bought several products in order to help combat acne and scarring/hyper pigmentation. The products that I have used which I have seen noticeable results in such a short time from are the following: I wash my face in the morning and at night with the Green Tea Pomegranate Cleanser (I have been using this since April 14, 2016). I use the Green Tea Pomegranate Moisturizer in there morning and at night as well (I have been using it since May 22, 2016). At night only, I apply a pump of the Gly-luronic Acid Serum to my face with my hands, before moisturizing (I have been using it since April 14, 2016). Along side with that I have done two TCA 24% peels (which I got March 28, 2016), one the first week of April 2016 and the second one the first week of May 2016. I have only been using these products for a little over two months. I have seen drastic results. I am still dealing with hyper pigmentation from previous acne but it is healing day by day, given the short time I have used the products. I get less acne bumps as well. I still have a long way to go but my acne and scarring are improving drastically and I am very thankful for MUAC.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I thought I'd write in with a testimonial because MUAC products really have transformed my skin. It was never terrible, but I had mild-moderate acne and a lot of PIH because my skin marks very easily. I had tried for years using anti-acne products and drugstore BHAs with little to no luck. Then six months ago I received my first order from MUAC. 

I have been consistently using the 10% Mandelic Acid Serum every second day, and alternating with the 0.30% Retinol Serum. I have also been using the 25% Mandelic Acid Peel monthly. 

My acne has all but cleared up, and my PIH has faded significantly. My skin texture has also dramatically improved, and is much softer and less rough and bumpy. I can now go out without any makeup on without any fear of people noticing my skin problems. I'm confident in saying that I will keep using MUAC products for years to come, they really have made a world of difference.



Wow! Where do I began? I have been on a crazy ride with my skin and I thought I would never be able to talk about my skin in a positive light until I tried MUAC!

I tried everything derms/ vi peels/ Aztec clay mask/ retin- a you name it. Nothing I mean NOTHING has cleared my skin. I saw their website mentioned a lot on the skincare board of makeupalley and just finally gave their Mandelic Toner and 15% TCA peel a try.

I've tried their products before and was using everything wrong so I contacted them and they informed me on everything I needed to do with the products I purchased, and for that I will always be a tried and true customer because with the mandalic acid toner and the Tca peel my dark spots, hyperpigmention is finally clear!



Hi I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUC for your products !!! I have never found something that has truly been an asset to better looking skin ! 

These photos are three months apart ! I started using the 25% Mandelic acid peel .Three days later all of the active was barely there ! I knew my skin was loving this acid ! So I went on and bought the Mandelic acid cleanser and serum !! 

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ! I have recommended so many friends and family ! 

I am 52 with fair skin that has been sun-damaged. I have also struggled most of my life with acne. Since using MUAC's Super C + E serum along with Hyluronic Acid Serum and 
BellEvolve Uplevity Serum for 3 months, my husband keeps making comments about how much better my skin looks. 

One month ago I used a Lactic Acid Peel as well. What an amazing difference your products have made! I have wasted money on so many products only to be let down again and again. My skin is smoother and wrinkles are smoothing out more. Most significantly, my pores are smaller,  I have no breakouts and my skin tone continues to become more even. No one makes better skincare products! Not even dermatologists.

I just want to share this with others because my self - esteem had become so poor due to acne and sun damage. I was at the point where I couldn't hide my skin with makeup. I am hopeful for the first time in my life. Thank you for creating the best skincare products and saving my self-esteem!

For approximately three weeks (April 18th to May 5th) I have been using the Gly-luronic acid serum and night and the mandelic acid toner in the morning. 

At first I got a few more breakouts as my skin was purging. 

I have always had acne since I was a teen, but it got worse around the time I turned 25. I'm 34 (soon to be 35) and now get horrible cystic acne from a hormonal imbalance. It's caused horrible scars and is extremely painful. Thank you for giving my skin back. I'm excited to see just how much better this can get if this is my results in three weeks.

All I can say is thank you so much for your amazing products!!! I mean wow has my face improved so much the last few months!!! the products I use are the gly-luronic acid serum this stuff is amazing at exfoliation and skrinking my poors and fading my hyperpigmentation due to acne... I also use the Mandelic cleanser and toner daily... but the product that really helped control my acne was the 8% beta hydroxy serum... I put a drop in my facial moisterizer along with a pea size of 10% benzoyl peroxide and my acne has improved tremendously... the lactic acid peel has helped fade the stubborn hyperpigmentation and I do that every 2 weeks... and now I'm not embarrassed with my face having to cake on the makeup to cover it. I'm super excited to try more products! 

I can't thank you guys enough for restoring my confidence!



Ive never had really really bad skin but theres never been a time that i havent had acne and dark spots on my face. It did start getting worse.Hormonal breakouts, you name it! The derm would give me things that wouldnt completely take away the acne and otc stuff just didnt work :( . Back in highschool i tried a TCA peel and it deterreded from ever getting another. I looked like a burn victim! Lol i didnt know that it was suppose to do that, my mom just tried it out on me. 

So anyways, She convinced me that there were peels not so harsh. So i browsed MUAC and ordered Mandelic acid 40 peel, Mandelic toner and Gly-Luronic Serum.  It worked so well,the following week i purchased Green tea cleanser, peptide serum and salycilic 15 peel (i love that you can try out everything in samples!).The staff helped me create a regiment where i rotate cleansers throughout the week and peels once a week. When i say 

WOW, i mean like OMG my face has NEVER been so refined or so smooth.. wk1 flattened out the big pimples and shrunk pores, wk2 a little purging but nothing major, pores more refined and dark spots started to fade .  It just kept getting better and better! I can finally walk out the house without having to cover my spots (so hard to leave makeup alone bc i love it) but it feels wonderful to not have to always NEED it. Thank you SOOO much for MUAC, there products are the and dont need to look any further!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I never really had problems with my skin until my early 20's. I started developing big, painful hormonal acne that left deep scars once they finally cleared up. I was mortified, I became reclusive and felt like people could only see my cysts when they looked at me. People in stores who had known me before the acne would say "oh my God what happened to your skin"? I would sit in the car and cry. 

I didn't find MUAC until I was about 29. I had tried peels, lasers, antibiotics, and cortisone shots. The shots helped a bit but were painful and expensive. Plus, they only helped once the acne was there, it did nothing to prevent them or the scarring. I happened upon MUAC and almost didn't try it because I felt nothing would work. I started with the 40% Lactic acid peel, which shrunk the big angry cysts faster than anything else I tried.

The regimen that has given me skin I couldn't imagine is the Radiance Peel every other week, with the Mandelic Acid peel on the weeks off. I use the Mandelic Acid Toner 2x a day morning and night. Now that I'm free of the cysts I am starting to treat the scarring and the fine lines that are starting to creep through. I've just started the Retinol .30 serum and BellEvolve cream and I'm in love.

Thank you MUAC for giving me hope that I'll have skin in my 30's that is WAY better than my skin in my 20's!

I have previously submitted before and after photos from two 21% TCA peels, my first in December 2015, after IPL treatment did exactly ZERO.

Since then, I have been using the BellEvolve Vitamin C 20% serum in the mornings, the 

BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum at night, and done one spot treatment with 30% TCA on the large spots above my brow and at my temple.

I'm so glad that I have been documenting the process, because on a daily basis, it doesn't look that different to me...but when I look at me before photo?! Nothing short of drastic. The third spot lower on my face is barely even visible now, and I didn't treat that one with the 30%!

I'm going to continue using both serums, and will do an all over 30% peel in a few weeks.

I can't say enough about your company and products. I will be a lifelong client, and already recommend MUAC to everyone! That huge ugly spot on my temple is all but ERASED. I'm still in shock.

Thank you so much for such outstanding products, and more importantly, absolute top notch customer service. THAT is what creates fiercely loyal customers-Well done MUAC!

I have been battling with strange comedonal acne ever since I did my first laser resurfacing treatment back in end-April 2015. From three to four blackheads at my jaw lines, the comedones grew to clusters and eventually invaded my whole face. I had to cover with thick makeup but we all know no makeup could cover the 3D bumps from skin! 
I decided to go to the best dermatologist in Singapore and had to fork out a fortune only to make my skin worse. I was prescribed with Differrin and Stieva-A to cure what the doctor said as hormonal acne. My skin kept purging to the point my face is infested with cystic acne.
I had to deal with cystic and comedonal acne from June to August until the doctor suggested me to do chemical peel on my face. I did and had to pay so much per session. I thought no way I am going to go broke doing chemical peel. The result was okay, so I thought there must be a cheaper alternative to this. 
And I found MUAC online in end-August 2015. I made my first order in September 2015. My acne was miraculously subsided. Comedonal acne disappeared overnight after I used 15% Salicylic Acid peel. I alternated with Fade Peel to remove the scars left behind. My dermatologist was astonished with the result when I went for my final visit to her clinic in end -September 2015. I have tried 40% Mandelic Acid, Mandelic Salicylic Peel, Fade Peel , 15% SA peel, 40% Lactic Acid Peel and my conclusion is as below:
- my fav peel to remove acne overnight is 15% Salicylic Acid Peel.
- Fade Peel is superb in removing any form of scars and discoloration. This includes minor depressed scars.
- 40% Lactic Acid peel is great for a more hydrated and brightened look. Awesome to use if you have any dinner the next day. I left the acid on skin for 4 -5 minutes.
Because I had the tendency to pick my pimples, I was left with depressed scars. I didn't have the guts to try TCA peel so I used Fade Peel every week in December 2015 to even out my skin texture. I pair up with Niacinamide Serum and Syn Hycan serum for the extra boost.  I also use Gly-luronic Acid and Phytocell Renewal Serum. 
The before photo was taken in Dec 2015 when I still have some pimples and many disturbing depressed scars. My skin on the right photo looks good with only light loose powder. No concealer and foundation needed. I am proud to say that I have no more depressed scars on my face.
I have to thank Wendy for her tireless explanation because I tend to ask too many questions. I owe MUAC on the full recovery of my skin. Even my friends and colleagues asked if anything was done on my skin because it looks smooth now.
Thanks MUAC. I will always buy from you and will always turn to your marvelous peels to improve my skin. :) 

I used  the MUAC 12.5% TCA peel. I have oily/combination skin. I grew up having no problems with acne. Never needed to wear makeup or anything. 

One summer, sometime around my mid twenties, my face broke out with what looked like heat bumps. Then it got worse, I developed severe acne and hyperpigmentation bc I sing for a living and hated going before people with huge blemishes on my forehead, nose and etc. 

I bought the sample because this was my first peel,applied it and within a week my face was flawless! I have recommended this site to all of my friends and I haven't had any more breakouts or problems like that since and feel great wearing a naked face any day of the week!

I am SO happy I stumbled upon Makeup Artist's Choice back in October 2015! Since then, I've completely changed up my (previously lackluster) skin routine and have seen some results that I can't ignore. For the last several years, I've struggled with hormonal breakouts thanks to progesterone supplements and stress. That plus years of growing up under the California sun has left my skin with discolorations that I hadn't noticed until I caught myself wearing more and more foundation to work this last year to cover up the damaged spots.
In mid-October, I started out ordering the 40% lactic acid peels. I did these once a week, but didn't love the amount of burning I felt. I switched over to a 25% mandelic acid peel, and LOVED it. 3-5 days after the peels, I had flakies around my nose, lips, and the center of my forehead. I continued doing this every 7-10 days, and followed up by moisturizing with the Argan Oil (tip: I also love blending a drop of this into my foundation to make it extra dewy.)
In December, I started incorporating the Glyluronic serum into my nightly routine. I will buy this stuff for the rest of my life!!! My skin feels amazing in the morning, pores are less noticeable, makeup goes on more smoothly. I also bumped up to a 40% mandelic peel, which I am now using every 2-3 weeks.
I'm curious about doing one more dramatic peel at some point, but for now I'm a happy camper. I've seen a change in the sun discoloration and wrinkles on my forehead, as well as the texture, smoothness, and overall brightness of my cheeks and jawbones.
Disclaimer - I've also lost my tan recently, hence the stark difference in skin tones in the before and afters! October 2015/January 2016.
Thank you MUAC! Muah!

I started a new medication in August of 2014. At first I didn't see much of a reaction (just generalized bumps, with no head) until January 31, 2015 when I used a facial soap at a hotel (HUGE NO-NO) and the next morning my skin was destroyed. I had an acneic rash all over my face, especially on my cheeks. 

From February until August of 2015 I had used every product under the sun to get rid of this horrible acneic rash. I tried everything from acne products to a minimalistic routine with very bland products. Nothing helped until (with my doctor's approval) I stopped taking my medication. She concluded that I was allergic to my medicine and we tried a different medicine to replace it. 
Within a few weeks my skin began to clear up (evidence I was allergic to my medicine) but I was left with really awful dark/red marks all over my face, or PIH. 

I placed my first order to MUAC  nd bought the Fade Peel, I used it once a week along with glycolic toner on days I wasn't doing a peel (and the day before and day after my peel).
I began to see results every week with dramatic results by November. 
After several months of using the fade peel, my skin had gotten used to it and I knew I needed something a little stronger.  I consulted the absolutely wonderful and helpful customer service at MUAC and the associate recommended I use the hydroquinone peel (ProLight peel) and she also mentioned that customers get good results treating their PIH with the Micro Polish
I only ordered the 2 dram sample of the ProLight peel which has been enough for two peels so far and I honestly am astounded at the results I have had using that peel. My skin is so smooth and soft, I barely have any PIH left.  It is such a relief to only have to use foundation and not a metric ton of concealer everyday. 

I am forever grateful that I found MUAC and their wonderful customer service, my skin would not be where it is today  if it weren't for them and I truly mean that. 

I am prone to the average teenager's acne: red, bumpy, and just plain horrifying. Not only did I have acne, but every time I got a pimple, it left a scar. This left me with a forehead of red bumps and acne scars. I was extremely self-conscious about it and would try to cover them up using makeup without much success.  After learning about Make Up Artist Choice, I started using the Blemish Buster Cleanser and the 10% Mandelic Serum. After three weeks my family and I began to notice my acne was not quite as red. Once I finished the bottle of serum, I tried the 25% Mandelic Peel to work on the scarring. After only two uses, my skin became a clearer and scars began disappearing!  There is still light scarring but I am going to use the 40% Madelic Peel to finish clearing them.  Along with the Cleanser and Peel, I regularly use the Argan Oil after cleansing my face. The after picture is after one bottle of 10% Mandelic Serum and ten uses of the 25% Mandelic Peel (the cleanser and the oil). I am so happy with the results! I do not feel the need to use makeup on my forehead and even my family has noticed the difference!

Hello MUAC!
I starting using peels from MUAC nearly 6 months ago now and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I was sure of that after doing my first peel. 
I've never had terrible skin, but it always looked ruddy, inflamed, and clogged. I typically had two or three active pimples on any given day. It was always an insecurity of mine and I never felt comfortable without makeup. I have always taken very good care of my skin, yet nothing ever made all that much of a difference, that is until I started doing MUAC peels! 
The peels I purchased were the 25% Mandelic Acid Peel and the 15% Salicylic Acid Peel. The first time I ever used the Mandelic Acid Peel, my angry, red skin turned into smooth, clear skin overnight. My redness was gone. My pores looked clear. It was such a drastic difference after just doing one peel. It was amazing. I continued to do peels weekly, rotating between the Mandelic and Salicylic. My skin has just gotten better and better. I honestly could not tell you the last time I had a breakout, my skin has gone from very oily to normal, my redness is essentially gone, and I don't think it could get much more flawless. I feel so confident and my skin has become my favorite feature. 
I'm so so happy with my skin, thank you so much MUAC, these products are incredible and have completely exceeded my expectations. Every time someone compliments me on my skin I tell them about MUAC. I can't wait to try more! 



I ordered muac's 15% TCA peel. I was interested in this peel primarily for the reduction of old acne scars, along with the other obvious benefits of the great skin that comes along with administering muac's awesome peels! What I did not! expect was for close to 95% of my scars being COMPLETELY ERASED! I have purchsed muac peels in the past and have always loved them. They are safe, quick, and effective. About a year ago, I purchsed a 12% TCA peel for the reduction of scars on my stomach, and the peel lightened the scars I'd say about 90%, but with this 15% peel, almost all of my acne problems are totally gone. I am so grateful to muac. I struggled constantly with self-esteem in high school and a huge part of it was struggling with my extremely oily, acne prone skin. Now as a freshman in college, I feel a lot more confident. The first picture (taken on 1.15.16) is my cheek where the scars were the most prominent. The second set (taken on 2.27.16) is just about 1 month after doing the muac peel! My peel included a neutralizer (which is super duper helpful), and as weary as I was, I had no problems with using this muac peel (or any muac peel!) on my dark complexion, and it also did not agitate my already oily, slightly sensitive skin! 

Thanks muac, I will definitely continue to purchase from you guys! Much love!



Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm a male.  After eliminating my acne using peels, i was left with a bit of scaring. I had no idea then i came to my senses "Muac Will Save my skin again" The category menu made it easy. 

I ordered the 24% TCA, i knew my skin would tolerate it. I did a series of 2 one each month. followed by madelic acid serum and argan oil which i love so much. After 2 peels my skin look a bit better, it had lighten up dramatically, scars where not that noticeable. 

Then i came across the TCX peel, it changed the game in my skincare. I did a series of 2 peels one each month. I got rid of all my hyper-pigmentation, and my scars.



At 43 years young I have finally found products that produce results with my skin! No exaggeration I have been using expensive spa line products like Muard, Cellex-C, and department store brands since I was 14 years old. I have wasted money on laser treatments without seeing any results. I honestly wanted to try MUAC products as a last ditch effort to do a TCA peel. I heard from friends using TCA peels through spas that it evened their skin tone, reduced pore size and diminished sun spots. I was willing to try it because the price was so affordable. 
I used the 12.5% TCA peel kit first. I read and reread all the directions. I did a spot test on my cheek and waited 24 hours to determine if my skin would be ok with the strength and chemicals before doing my full face and neck. The first time I treated my full face and neck I left the peel on 3 minutes before neutralizing. I began to peel lightly after 4 days and was completely finished peeling after 7 days. I could see results mostly in reduced pore size and lightening of my sun spots. During the healing week I used the Advanced Skin Repair Cream.
In between TCA peels I used the MUAC 10% Mandelic Acid. I could see my skin becoming brighter and smoother by the day. After 2 weeks I repeated the TCA peel leaving it on 5 minutes this time. My result after the second peel were outstanding! I had people complementing my skin for the first time in my life! I have never been envied for my skin! 
Thank you!!!



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dear MUAC,
After almost a year of using your products and seeing a dramatic difference, I'm finally submitting my testimonial with complete satisfaction:
I've lived with my high school acne scars for over 20 years. In my thirties, I finally managed to get my acne relatively under control through proper diet, stress management and minimal skincare. However, I was left with deep ice pick scars which made me feel very insecure. As an aspiring actor, a lack of self-esteem is not a good asset. I studied theatre and practiced my craft in many acting workshops but I never took my aspirations further because of how I felt about my complexion under the camera lights - the scars were very noticeable and distracting. I always tried to hide my scarred cheeks behind my hair. The stress of this only caused more break-outs. A couple years ago, I was referred to one of the best dermatologists in the city who said my only option was 2 to 4 rounds of Fraxel and only then, I might see a 5-10% improvement. That was not enough assurance at the cost of $8,000
As I was researching online about Fraxel, I came across a few YouTube videos about Mandalic Acid peels and TCA cross. Many of the YouTubers said they purchased their peels from MUAC. I decided to take the plunge after a few more weeks of thoroughly researching how to properly perform the peel procedures myself. I knew that it would take a few months of 15% peels and superficial cross procedures using 30% TCA in order to see improvement on my ice pick scars. Between sessions, I maintained my skin daily with Green Tea Pomegranate cleanser and Mandelic Acid toner. Both are godsend products and help to keep acne at bay. My complexion also looks much brighter than it did before. With regards to minimizing the scars, it took about 5 sessions of treatments from September 2014 to August 2015 to see an 80% improvement! I landed a talent agent in August and have been working in commercials and TV shows. I walk into auditions with a lot more of confidence than I did before. I am on vacation over the coming holidays during which I plan to do another session of TCA to bring my skin close to 100%. Thank you so much MUAC for offering such cost-effective products and convenient international shopping! You literally changed my life and career!  

P.S. I've given sample sizes of the Green Tea Pomegranate cleanser and Mandelic toner to my best friend - also suffering from acne and scarring and she is now a MUAC fan! I know what I'll being giving her for Christmas - MUAC products!


Hi, I am writing this after three weeks of using your products and I am so happy with the results that I wanted to share them with you! After consulting you by email and sending pictures, you replied promptly with your recommendations and I placed my order. I am 66 years old, have combination skin and have tanned my entire life. I have not had any facelifts,used botox or juvaderm-type treatments. I have, though, had routine professional facials over the past ten years but lately have not been satisfied with the results. I have also spent "lots" of money over the years that have given me minimal results. I was seriously exploring the possibilities of more serious treatments, including a facelift. My daughter is using your products and was so happy with her results that she encouraged me to try your products.

I am using DMAE cleanser, Cucumber toner, Uplevity serum w/Majestem &Syn-Hycan, Synthe' 6 Argirelox Wrinkle Smooth, Super C & E Serum, Argan Oil and 55% Lactic Acid Peels.  Since October 19, 2015 I have used all products daily and had three Lactic Acid peels. The products are so affordable and easy to use, with amazing results in so short a period of time! I am also pleased that  only a very small amount of the treatments are used and they will last much longer than what I have been used to. 

My dark spots are fading, my pores are so much smaller, my skin feels taut and smooth without being dry, and deep wrinkles around mouth and cheeks have drastically decreased!  I could not be more pleased with your products and it's such a relief to have such a rapid improvement in my skin. I am looking forward to to continued use!

Thank you again for your excellent, affordable products!


I’ve never dreamt that I’ll be one of those “success stories”, but it sure feel so right now. I first started trying MUAC in approximately July? Initially, my skin was still managable with mild to moderate acne. But it broke out in a crazy mess, all thanks to Evening Primrose Oil. Stopping EPO for a month didn’t improve anything, I thought after the EPO gets out of my system, my hormones would reorganize themselves or something. Sadly, no. My face became like an oil field, it erupted with angry red acne and comedones. I had blind pimples and inflamed ones on my T-zone, my chin, cheeks, temples, and even my brows! My skin texture just became terribly bumpy overall. It was a pretty good kick to my self-esteem (what you see in the “before” photo wasn’t even at it's worst, I hadn’t thought of photographing it then)
I tried the Mandelic Acid Toner, 25% Mandelic Acid Peel and Gly-Luronic Acid Serum. And they did wonders! My skin is now largely clear of pimples, and I’m looking to try other products from MUAC to resolve those pesky black/whiteheads. The Fade Peel sounds really awesome for blemishes and post-acne marks! My sister has seen my transformation and she’s sold. Having spent a ton on derms with no results for her skin problems, she too is considering MUAC! Thank you for giving us hope!

I'm writing to say "thank you" for the wonderful products for my adult acne. 

I've tried so many over-the counter acne skincare products, but nothing had worked till I started my new skincare regimen with MUAC lactic acid peel 55% and mandelic acid toner. I've done only 2 peels and used the toner once daily for 2 weeks now, and my acne on my chin is completely clear! Also my T-zone oiliness is gone so I don't have to touch-up my make up throughout the day any more.  

I'm planning to use the product and have high hope that the age spot on my cheek will fade eventually. I attached a photos of before and after. I hope this review will help your future customer!


Hi, MUAC--
I can't believe I am able to send my before and after photos so quickly.  I've wanted to get chemical peels for years for my sun damage and melasma, which is pretty extensive, but it was not affordable for me.  
I tan easily and grew up in the sun, and I also went to my fair share of tanning beds.  With each of my three pregnancies my melasma has worsened, and to top things off, I had a pretty extensive burn from a laser photo facial about 7 years ago, which resulted in hypopigmentation on my forehead (If you've ever wondered what makes hyperpigmentation look worse, it's hypopigmentation all around it.).  So with this kind of perfect storm of sun damage and hormonal changes, I really have had issues.  My biggest problem has always been a large brown spot on my right cheek that I've had since I was 26 (I'm 38 now).  Hydroquinone cream did next to nothing, and Retin A didn't help either.  About a month ago, I stumbled across your web page after realizing you can do chemical peels at home.  I read testimonials for days and was honestly so excited to give the peels a try.  So many users of your products have made YouTube videos, so I watched a lot of applications and felt like this looked reliable and easy as long as the instructions were followed.
Here I am about 3.5 weeks after my first peel.  I've done two ProLight peels (one for about 45 seconds, one for 2.5 minutes) and two Fade peels (first for 2.5 minutes, second for full 5 minutes).  I've also been using the Lighten and Brighten cleanser, cucumber toner, the hyaluronic serum (LOTS of it--what a great moisturizer), and the mandelic acid serum 3 times a week or so.  

Your clear, step-by-step instructions, as well as the very friendly support from you customer service team, made you products easy to use.  The prices also made this something attainable for me.  I spent well over three hundred dollars on an expensive Lancome regimen last year, and saw no difference at all.  After that failure, I spent $150 on a tiny tube of Retin A, and $46 on a tube of hydroquinone--about what I needed for a 1 month supply-barely.   I believe my total cost for this regimen has been under $150 and my peel bottles are still almost full, and I have another month of cleanser and toner left, easily.  
My "before" picture shows me a few weeks before I started the MUAC products, but after about 6 weeks of Retin A and hydroquinone 4% cream, both used exactly as directed.  You can see that this did not do much for me at all.