Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I have suffered with acne and scarring for years ( teenage acne turned into adult acne plus Melasma from my pregnancy that never seemed to go away ) . I resorted to covering it up with full coverage makeup . But I truly started to dislike my own skin . To the point where even running to the store I had to put a whole face on . But now that I've found MUAC , I am SOOO IN LOVE . I originally was looking for a TCA peel ( so much damage on my face I felt this was the only option ) so I ordered the TCA 12.5 and the lowest Lactic acid peel but  I haven't even had to use them yet since I've had such great results with the Green tea and pomegranate face wash gel and the Mandelic Acid wash which I alternate between nigh and day (gel in the morning , acid at night ) the acid wash has a great smell. They included  free gifts  of the green tea toner and the glyluronic serum with my first purchase  . Usually toners are too drying for my skin but this one was perfect . and the serum made my skin smooth and bright (I could already see the difference the next morning )  .so I ordered full sizes of the toner and serum . I took a photo once a week for the month and a half I've been using everything and you can really see a difference I've even stopped wearing makeup  I am so happy .Thank you so much