Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello MUAC, 
This review has been long overdue! And I am very excited to share with you my amazing progress!
My acne story began when I was 16 with only a few pimples at first. And then when I was entering university, my acne fully exploded and I was getting many really painful big cysts that left a lot of scarring on my face. At one point, I had at least 100 spots on my face, and I would never leave home without makeup. Due to my severe acne, I had very low self-esteem, rarely went out with friends, stayed home everyday, bullied by my peers, and I used to cry myself to sleep. I think many of us can connect on the psychological and social impacts that acne has on you. I spent a lot of money exploring many treatments, I used acne.org, Shiseido, Clinique, Kiehl's, prescription creams (differin, clindoxy, retin-a, tactuo etc), and the list goes on. Nothing was working after years and years of experimentation, and I felt so hopeless for my skin. Finally, I discovered MUAC and I am so thankful for the wonderful products that MUAC offers!!!!
I initially began using the 40% Lactic Acid peel and I gradually progressed to 55% Lactic Acid peel. I do also use the Salicylic peel on my forehead as I tend to get quite a bit of comedones there, so this really clears it up. I currently use the 55% Lactic Acid peel every 10 days, and they have delivered brilliant results! As you can see in the photo, my scars have significantly diminished and I have only one or two pimples now! The before and after picture is about 5 months apart. So don't give up using the peels when you do not see any major changes after the first peel. With any product, you need to give your skin ample time to show results! Currently, I am also using the mandelic acid toner and mandelic acid serum. I am currently still dealing with light hyperpigmentation, but since I began using MUAC, I am 1000% more confident, happy, and outgoing. I will continue to use the peel, and I am very hopeful that I can eliminate all of my hyperpigmentation and acne. 
Thank you MUAC for changing my life. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this transformation. It truly is life changing.