Friday, August 19, 2016

Ive never had really really bad skin but theres never been a time that i havent had acne and dark spots on my face. It did start getting worse.Hormonal breakouts, you name it! The derm would give me things that wouldnt completely take away the acne and otc stuff just didnt work :( . Back in highschool i tried a TCA peel and it deterreded from ever getting another. I looked like a burn victim! Lol i didnt know that it was suppose to do that, my mom just tried it out on me. 

So anyways, She convinced me that there were peels not so harsh. So i browsed MUAC and ordered Mandelic acid 40 peel, Mandelic toner and Gly-Luronic Serum.  It worked so well,the following week i purchased Green tea cleanser, peptide serum and salycilic 15 peel (i love that you can try out everything in samples!).The staff helped me create a regiment where i rotate cleansers throughout the week and peels once a week. When i say 

WOW, i mean like OMG my face has NEVER been so refined or so smooth.. wk1 flattened out the big pimples and shrunk pores, wk2 a little purging but nothing major, pores more refined and dark spots started to fade .  It just kept getting better and better! I can finally walk out the house without having to cover my spots (so hard to leave makeup alone bc i love it) but it feels wonderful to not have to always NEED it. Thank you SOOO much for MUAC, there products are the and dont need to look any further!