Friday, August 19, 2016

All I can say is thank you so much for your amazing products!!! I mean wow has my face improved so much the last few months!!! the products I use are the gly-luronic acid serum this stuff is amazing at exfoliation and skrinking my poors and fading my hyperpigmentation due to acne... I also use the Mandelic cleanser and toner daily... but the product that really helped control my acne was the 8% beta hydroxy serum... I put a drop in my facial moisterizer along with a pea size of 10% benzoyl peroxide and my acne has improved tremendously... the lactic acid peel has helped fade the stubborn hyperpigmentation and I do that every 2 weeks... and now I'm not embarrassed with my face having to cake on the makeup to cover it. I'm super excited to try more products! 

I can't thank you guys enough for restoring my confidence!