Thursday, March 24, 2016

I started a new medication in August of 2014. At first I didn't see much of a reaction (just generalized bumps, with no head) until January 31, 2015 when I used a facial soap at a hotel (HUGE NO-NO) and the next morning my skin was destroyed. I had an acneic rash all over my face, especially on my cheeks. 

From February until August of 2015 I had used every product under the sun to get rid of this horrible acneic rash. I tried everything from acne products to a minimalistic routine with very bland products. Nothing helped until (with my doctor's approval) I stopped taking my medication. She concluded that I was allergic to my medicine and we tried a different medicine to replace it. 
Within a few weeks my skin began to clear up (evidence I was allergic to my medicine) but I was left with really awful dark/red marks all over my face, or PIH. 

I placed my first order to MUAC  nd bought the Fade Peel, I used it once a week along with glycolic toner on days I wasn't doing a peel (and the day before and day after my peel).
I began to see results every week with dramatic results by November. 
After several months of using the fade peel, my skin had gotten used to it and I knew I needed something a little stronger.  I consulted the absolutely wonderful and helpful customer service at MUAC and the associate recommended I use the hydroquinone peel (ProLight peel) and she also mentioned that customers get good results treating their PIH with the Micro Polish
I only ordered the 2 dram sample of the ProLight peel which has been enough for two peels so far and I honestly am astounded at the results I have had using that peel. My skin is so smooth and soft, I barely have any PIH left.  It is such a relief to only have to use foundation and not a metric ton of concealer everyday. 

I am forever grateful that I found MUAC and their wonderful customer service, my skin would not be where it is today  if it weren't for them and I truly mean that.