Thursday, March 24, 2016

I never really had problems with my skin until my early 20's. I started developing big, painful hormonal acne that left deep scars once they finally cleared up. I was mortified, I became reclusive and felt like people could only see my cysts when they looked at me. People in stores who had known me before the acne would say "oh my God what happened to your skin"? I would sit in the car and cry. 

I didn't find MUAC until I was about 29. I had tried peels, lasers, antibiotics, and cortisone shots. The shots helped a bit but were painful and expensive. Plus, they only helped once the acne was there, it did nothing to prevent them or the scarring. I happened upon MUAC and almost didn't try it because I felt nothing would work. I started with the 40% Lactic acid peel, which shrunk the big angry cysts faster than anything else I tried.

The regimen that has given me skin I couldn't imagine is the Radiance Peel every other week, with the Mandelic Acid peel on the weeks off. I use the Mandelic Acid Toner 2x a day morning and night. Now that I'm free of the cysts I am starting to treat the scarring and the fine lines that are starting to creep through. I've just started the Retinol .30 serum and BellEvolve cream and I'm in love.

Thank you MUAC for giving me hope that I'll have skin in my 30's that is WAY better than my skin in my 20's!