Thursday, March 24, 2016

I have previously submitted before and after photos from two 21% TCA peels, my first in December 2015, after IPL treatment did exactly ZERO.

Since then, I have been using the BellEvolve Vitamin C 20% serum in the mornings, the 

BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum at night, and done one spot treatment with 30% TCA on the large spots above my brow and at my temple.

I'm so glad that I have been documenting the process, because on a daily basis, it doesn't look that different to me...but when I look at me before photo?! Nothing short of drastic. The third spot lower on my face is barely even visible now, and I didn't treat that one with the 30%!

I'm going to continue using both serums, and will do an all over 30% peel in a few weeks.

I can't say enough about your company and products. I will be a lifelong client, and already recommend MUAC to everyone! That huge ugly spot on my temple is all but ERASED. I'm still in shock.

Thank you so much for such outstanding products, and more importantly, absolute top notch customer service. THAT is what creates fiercely loyal customers-Well done MUAC!