Thursday, March 24, 2016

I am SO happy I stumbled upon Makeup Artist's Choice back in October 2015! Since then, I've completely changed up my (previously lackluster) skin routine and have seen some results that I can't ignore. For the last several years, I've struggled with hormonal breakouts thanks to progesterone supplements and stress. That plus years of growing up under the California sun has left my skin with discolorations that I hadn't noticed until I caught myself wearing more and more foundation to work this last year to cover up the damaged spots.
In mid-October, I started out ordering the 40% lactic acid peels. I did these once a week, but didn't love the amount of burning I felt. I switched over to a 25% mandelic acid peel, and LOVED it. 3-5 days after the peels, I had flakies around my nose, lips, and the center of my forehead. I continued doing this every 7-10 days, and followed up by moisturizing with the Argan Oil (tip: I also love blending a drop of this into my foundation to make it extra dewy.)
In December, I started incorporating the Glyluronic serum into my nightly routine. I will buy this stuff for the rest of my life!!! My skin feels amazing in the morning, pores are less noticeable, makeup goes on more smoothly. I also bumped up to a 40% mandelic peel, which I am now using every 2-3 weeks.
I'm curious about doing one more dramatic peel at some point, but for now I'm a happy camper. I've seen a change in the sun discoloration and wrinkles on my forehead, as well as the texture, smoothness, and overall brightness of my cheeks and jawbones.
Disclaimer - I've also lost my tan recently, hence the stark difference in skin tones in the before and afters! October 2015/January 2016.
Thank you MUAC! Muah!