Thursday, March 24, 2016

I am prone to the average teenager's acne: red, bumpy, and just plain horrifying. Not only did I have acne, but every time I got a pimple, it left a scar. This left me with a forehead of red bumps and acne scars. I was extremely self-conscious about it and would try to cover them up using makeup without much success.  After learning about Make Up Artist Choice, I started using the Blemish Buster Cleanser and the 10% Mandelic Serum. After three weeks my family and I began to notice my acne was not quite as red. Once I finished the bottle of serum, I tried the 25% Mandelic Peel to work on the scarring. After only two uses, my skin became a clearer and scars began disappearing!  There is still light scarring but I am going to use the 40% Madelic Peel to finish clearing them.  Along with the Cleanser and Peel, I regularly use the Argan Oil after cleansing my face. The after picture is after one bottle of 10% Mandelic Serum and ten uses of the 25% Mandelic Peel (the cleanser and the oil). I am so happy with the results! I do not feel the need to use makeup on my forehead and even my family has noticed the difference!