Thursday, March 24, 2016


I ordered muac's 15% TCA peel. I was interested in this peel primarily for the reduction of old acne scars, along with the other obvious benefits of the great skin that comes along with administering muac's awesome peels! What I did not! expect was for close to 95% of my scars being COMPLETELY ERASED! I have purchsed muac peels in the past and have always loved them. They are safe, quick, and effective. About a year ago, I purchsed a 12% TCA peel for the reduction of scars on my stomach, and the peel lightened the scars I'd say about 90%, but with this 15% peel, almost all of my acne problems are totally gone. I am so grateful to muac. I struggled constantly with self-esteem in high school and a huge part of it was struggling with my extremely oily, acne prone skin. Now as a freshman in college, I feel a lot more confident. The first picture (taken on 1.15.16) is my cheek where the scars were the most prominent. The second set (taken on 2.27.16) is just about 1 month after doing the muac peel! My peel included a neutralizer (which is super duper helpful), and as weary as I was, I had no problems with using this muac peel (or any muac peel!) on my dark complexion, and it also did not agitate my already oily, slightly sensitive skin! 

Thanks muac, I will definitely continue to purchase from you guys! Much love!