Sunday, January 17, 2016

At 43 years young I have finally found products that produce results with my skin! No exaggeration I have been using expensive spa line products like Muard, Cellex-C, and department store brands since I was 14 years old. I have wasted money on laser treatments without seeing any results. I honestly wanted to try MUAC products as a last ditch effort to do a TCA peel. I heard from friends using TCA peels through spas that it evened their skin tone, reduced pore size and diminished sun spots. I was willing to try it because the price was so affordable. 
I used the 12.5% TCA peel kit first. I read and reread all the directions. I did a spot test on my cheek and waited 24 hours to determine if my skin would be ok with the strength and chemicals before doing my full face and neck. The first time I treated my full face and neck I left the peel on 3 minutes before neutralizing. I began to peel lightly after 4 days and was completely finished peeling after 7 days. I could see results mostly in reduced pore size and lightening of my sun spots. During the healing week I used the Advanced Skin Repair Cream.
In between TCA peels I used the MUAC 10% Mandelic Acid. I could see my skin becoming brighter and smoother by the day. After 2 weeks I repeated the TCA peel leaving it on 5 minutes this time. My result after the second peel were outstanding! I had people complementing my skin for the first time in my life! I have never been envied for my skin! 
Thank you!!!