Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dear MUAC,
After almost a year of using your products and seeing a dramatic difference, I'm finally submitting my testimonial with complete satisfaction:
I've lived with my high school acne scars for over 20 years. In my thirties, I finally managed to get my acne relatively under control through proper diet, stress management and minimal skincare. However, I was left with deep ice pick scars which made me feel very insecure. As an aspiring actor, a lack of self-esteem is not a good asset. I studied theatre and practiced my craft in many acting workshops but I never took my aspirations further because of how I felt about my complexion under the camera lights - the scars were very noticeable and distracting. I always tried to hide my scarred cheeks behind my hair. The stress of this only caused more break-outs. A couple years ago, I was referred to one of the best dermatologists in the city who said my only option was 2 to 4 rounds of Fraxel and only then, I might see a 5-10% improvement. That was not enough assurance at the cost of $8,000
As I was researching online about Fraxel, I came across a few YouTube videos about Mandalic Acid peels and TCA cross. Many of the YouTubers said they purchased their peels from MUAC. I decided to take the plunge after a few more weeks of thoroughly researching how to properly perform the peel procedures myself. I knew that it would take a few months of 15% peels and superficial cross procedures using 30% TCA in order to see improvement on my ice pick scars. Between sessions, I maintained my skin daily with Green Tea Pomegranate cleanser and Mandelic Acid toner. Both are godsend products and help to keep acne at bay. My complexion also looks much brighter than it did before. With regards to minimizing the scars, it took about 5 sessions of treatments from September 2014 to August 2015 to see an 80% improvement! I landed a talent agent in August and have been working in commercials and TV shows. I walk into auditions with a lot more of confidence than I did before. I am on vacation over the coming holidays during which I plan to do another session of TCA to bring my skin close to 100%. Thank you so much MUAC for offering such cost-effective products and convenient international shopping! You literally changed my life and career!  

P.S. I've given sample sizes of the Green Tea Pomegranate cleanser and Mandelic toner to my best friend - also suffering from acne and scarring and she is now a MUAC fan! I know what I'll being giving her for Christmas - MUAC products!